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I'm cassandra

My days are not perfect. They are wild and messy and sometimes take me to my knees. But I remember the good. I want to hold onto it all. My baby’s milky hand tangled in my hair, staring at my two year old’s chubby cheeks as he’s on my hip, kissing the top of my oldest’s head, I want to remember every last detail. I hold them in my heart already but I know, they continue to fade. This place in my heart is not enough. I need them to remember me, their mother, or at least see these times we had together. I would give anything for them to remember these days that I cherish so much.

And I want to remember it wearing my favorite dress with a little makeup on. These are the memories I want to savor. 

Mother of 3, enneagram 7, lover of light, the magic of film, travel, and the beauty of connections within families.  

I believe these experiences and being present in my own life help me to see the beauty in your motherhood. I am drawn to the little things you do. A kiss on your baby’s cheek, swiping your hand through their hair, kneeling down and making a boo boo all better. It’s these daily occurrences that seem so ordinary now but melt away as our babies continue to grow. Photography has provided me with an opportunity to remember how these days with my own children felt and reflect back on the love I am able to witness as I see your family.

I want to show you how incredible you are mama. Maybe our time together is a bit romanticized, but the reality is you are someone’s whole world. 

I transform everyday moments into tangible treasures through beautiful imagery, where I help mothers to remember their present and recognize the beauty in each season of life with their little ones. It is important to me that my clients feel seen and loved. 

My passion lies in bringing the art of motherhood to light

My goal is to provide you with a relaxed and luxurious experience while capturing honest moments with genuine emotion. I am drawn to the in-between, organic moments I see with your family. Where you may see chaos, I find beauty! I tell your stories through the nostalgic look and feel of film. Together, we will curate your favorite images to display in your home.

I will lead you through the creative process, collaborating with you to make planning simple. Starting with a session guide so you feel prepared and confident, a consultation to accomplish your portrait goals, a personalized welcome box sent by mail, client wardrobe, hair & makeup coordination, session design and finally, completed custom frames or an heirloom album to display your treasured memories. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

How can I choose?! I love Sorrento, Italy, Mykonos, Greece,Tahiti and Costa Rica. My favorite place to visit with our children has been The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, simply magical!  


guilty pleasure

Watching Emily in Paris, Gilmore Girls or Hallmark movies during the holidays. Online shopping for flowy dresses. Pretending I'm a surfer while actually sipping White Claws at the beach. 



Tending to my tiny garden and many potted plants and traveling anywhere with my family. Road trip this weekend? Yes, please! 



A margarita pizza with prosciutto or anything Mexican. I don’t love dessert, but I do make delicious chocolate chip cookies with my grandmother’s old recipe! 



My husband, Mike, and our 3 kids. They are my whole world. 


part of my job

The in-between moments, when I get a glimpse of the nuances that make each family unique. I love watching people interact and connect with each other, I find it so beautiful.

about you

My clients seek to find the beauty in the chaos, they hold onto the goodness in the imperfect, and have a twinge in their heart that yearns for the past.  

Rooted Love mamas want to preserve their memories with artful, light filled imagery. They savor the relaxed experience while capturing honest portraits with genuine emotion. Their treasured keepsakes are framed in their homes and preserved in luxurious albums to be enjoyed for generations.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


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