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6 Tips for Your Family Photo Session

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Family photos are truly so important. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture the kids just as they are now, before they change throughout the next year. This is a time to document how your family looks and feels during this season of life. How do we create beautiful, meaningful images that capture the essence of your family today?

Here are 6 simple steps to help you get great family photos and curate authentic imagery that will be cherished for generations.

My tips for getting great family photos:

1. Choose a memorable location

Maybe you have a favorite beach, vacation spot, area in your neighborhood, park you visit, or place you want to visit. Make this a time for family photos! Plan to do something fun after your photo session. Go out for dinner, ice cream or do something special together as a family. Make it an event so you surround everyone with happy memories of this day.

2. Add playfulness with an activity

What is an activity your family enjoys doing together? Maybe you can go to a cute ice cream shop, play at the beach, have a beautiful picnic, discover new things in your garden, skip rocks in the lake. Think of an activity that would be fun and create a photo session around that. Not only will you have beautiful portraits, but you will be spending meaningful moments with your family. Have fun together!

3. Wardrobe is essential

One of the keys to gorgeous, timeless portraiture is a classic and curated wardrobe. Connect with your photographer to plan a comfortable and cohesive look for your family. Flowing fabrics photograph beautifully alongside textures such as linen and soft knits. Layers of solids and subtle patterns compliment each other. Think about how the colors in your outfits will affect your images. Does the clothing you are choosing provide the look and feel you are going for? Above all, wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

4. Attitude is everything

Parents, your attitude will set the tone for the whole family. If you are rushing around and yelling at everyone while trying to get out the door, that feeling will linger in the car and into your experience. Try to break getting ready into sections. Steam and coordinate outfits a couple days before your session date. Get ready early so you have plenty of time to help the kids.

Don’t stress if someone’s shirt gets wrinkled or hair gets messed up on the way. It’s all going to be ok! Kids are cute no matter what they are doing. If the adults are smiling and happy, then your images will be great! You may be in your best outfits, but above all, you are doing this to make meaningful memories. Make an effort to connect with your loved ones during your session so those authentic moments can live on as tangible memories.

5. Choose the right photographer

Spend some time finding a photographer with a style that speaks to you and makes you want to invest your time and money into an experience with them. Family photos should not be a chore, you want to be making meaningful memories with those you love. Get some ideas from your photographer and put some thought into what would be fun for your family to do together. What a gift to have someone show you how beautifully they see you show up in your family. Photography is a luxury. You are creating custom art. Treat this as a decadent gift for yourself.

6. Display your memories

You booked a family session to have treasured keepsakes of your family. What will you do with these memories? Hopefully, they will not live on your hard drive. Make sure to print your images, have your favorites framed or create an album so your family can enjoy these joyful memories every day! Put a smile on your face when you walk by one of your favorite images in the hall, spend time together reminiscing about that special activity as you look through your album. Years from now, you will be so thankful for these tangible memories to remind you of this season with your beautiful family!

This article was first published for the The Scout Guide Orlando, a printed and online publication that connects people with local makers, experts, and one another. See the article here!

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