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As an Orlando maternity photographer, I understand that having children is truly such a gift. Some mothers wait for many years before they are blessed with children. Pregnancy is typically a time of immense celebration. It can also be a strange and uncomfortable time for some mothers. Our bodies grow and stretch, hormones are wildly escalating, there may even be times we wonder if we will ever feel like ourselves again. While some mothers bask in the beautiful glow of pregnancy, some don’t feel that “glowy”. I understand because I wanted nothing to do with maternity portraits during my first pregnancy. You heard that right. I did not get maternity photos during my first pregnancy. I flat out refused. I felt uncomfortable and was hopeful I’d look “normal” again, once this baby was out of my body.

Something unexplainable happened once my beautiful baby was born, I actually missed being pregnant! I missed having another heartbeat within me, I yearned for the flutters and the kicks and the closeness I felt to my growing baby. I longed for the short period of time when I was growing a new life. I also had the worst pictures that my mom or husband side snapped of me to document that time in our lives.

With that in mind, I encourage new mothers to document this transformative time and take the maternity pictures! As a maternity photographer in Orlando, I recommend leaning in and documenting this sweet time so you don’t have any regrets later. You never know how you might feel once this beautiful time of creation is complete!

Below are a few reasons to encourage you to document your pregnancy with beautiful maternity portraits!

  1. Celebrate this season

Maternity portraits are a beautiful way to celebrate and commemorate this experience of being pregnant and growing a new life. Document this special time in your life and create lasting memories that you can later share with your family.

2. Bond with your baby

Pregnancy is a unique and transformative period. Maternity portraits can help develop a stronger bond with your unborn child. Documenting the beauty of pregnancy can serve as a reminder of the connection you have with your baby.

3. Document physical changes

Pregnancy brings about many physical changes in a woman’s body and maternity portraits can capture and celebrate these transformations. It can be a way to embrace your changing body and feel empowered during this stage. What your body is doing is an absolute miracle!

4. Creating a keepsake

Maternity portraits can become treasured keepsakes for both mothers and their children. As your baby grows up, they can look back on these images adorning your walls or in a beautiful heirloom album and see the love and excitement that surrounded their arrival.

5. Sharing with loved ones

Maternity portraits often serve as a way to share the joy and anticipation of pregnancy with family and friends. They can be displayed in your home in a stunning gallery wall, bound in an album, shared through social media or included in announcements and invitations.

6. Empowerment and confidence

Some mothers choose maternity portraits as a way to feel empowered and confident during pregnancy. It can be a way to embrace their strength and beauty as they prepare to become mothers.

7. Artistic expression

Maternity portraits can be a form of artistic expression for both the mother and her photographer. They allow for creativity in documenting the beauty of pregnancy. It’s amazing and empowering to see the way someone else “sees” you and all the good you bring to the world!

Maternity portraits provide an opportunity for mothers to embrace and document this significant phase in their lives. It’s a highly personal choice that allows mothers to express their joy, love and excitement for the new addition to their family.

We recommend documenting your pregnancy journey with maternity portraiture any time after about 26 weeks. Once your belly has “popped”, but you can still walk and move comfortably!

If you are interested in documenting your pregnancy, I would love to chat with you to see if our simple and stress free, luxury maternity portrait experience is the right fit for you! I am with you every step of the way from planning your session, styling your wardrobe, and pampering you with hair and makeup, to designing a gorgeous gallery wall or a beautiful linen or velvet covered heirloom album with your favorite images so you can always remember this transitional time in your life!

If you are an expecting mother, possibly interested in maternity portraits in Orlando and think this sounds like what you might be looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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