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How to Find the Right Newborn Photographer for For Your Family – Orlando, FL

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As an Orlando newborn photographer, I understand that there are so many things to consider when it comes to finding the right newborn photographer for your family. This is the person that will be there with you when you bring your sweet new baby into your family. This is a moment that will only happen once in your life, one that cannot be “redone” if things don’t go the way you had imagined. It saddens me to say that many clients have come to me after they have had a lackluster newborn session experience and wished they had invested in someone with more experience. This is a transformational time for your family and these moments are irreplaceable. 

There are many photographers in Orlando, they have different offers and styles, it can really be difficult to narrow it down. You need to find the one that is the best fit for you and your family! When it comes to your milestone moments, these intimate and sacred times for your family, you want to hire an experienced professional who you know will deliver. This is not the time to “go cheap” or take your chances on a friend with a nice camera. Below are some things we recommend considering when you are choosing the the right photographer to invite into your family to document your once in a lifetime memories. 

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There are SO many photographers out there that you can pay, agree to meet somewhere and they will send you a link with your files. Easy right?! Maybe for them…what actually happens is you pay them, shop for everyone in your family, likely dragging your kids from store to store, spend your time coordinating outfits, and returning everything that didn’t fit. Then, the day of your session, you spend all your time steaming everyone’s clothing, getting everyone dressed, not leaving enough time for you to get ready and then you feel rushed, start sweating and snapping at everyone in your family before the session because now you’re running late. You get your pictures taken through gritted teeth because now everyone is on edge. You are so excited to receive your link with the pictures. Now what? That’s right, now you get to sift through a hundred images to choose your favorites, try to eyeball how to put together a gallery wall, find a printer and framer, measure (or guess) what sizes will fit on your wall, sit down at your computer to learn how to create an album, then design your album, all while feeding the baby, changing the baby (on repeat), reading to your toddler and making sure everyone is fed and the house might even get picked up. You have the best intentions but what usually happens is there is just not enough time. Your images end up sitting on your hard drive for now, maybe forever. 

I’ve offered it and I’ve lived it. After experiencing this myself, I started offering my clients a simplified experience to help them get their images printed and into their hands. At Rooted Love, you pay your session fee and are sent a beautiful welcome box in the mail with an artwork guide and luxurious goodies. You are invited to a session planning meeting where we discuss your vision and select a wardrobe for your whole family, together. I have a curated collection of dresses and will help you select the perfect option that will flatter your postpartum body. I style your children and provide recommendations for your husband so everyone is coordinated, making your imagery timeless and beautiful. No guessing, no stress, no fuss. And that money you saved on a high end dress that you’ll only wear once can now go toward a beautiful heirloom album you can flip through with your children! 

On the day of your session, my hair and makeup artist comes right to your home. She will lovingly glam you up, making you feel pampered while you snuggle your new baby. We bring your freshly steamed dress to you, help get the children get dressed and swaddle your baby. We pose your family naturally, in beautiful light, creating moments for you to laugh and connect. After our session we meet to choose your favorite images, we share designs to help you visualize that gallery wall you have been envisioning that empty space but just haven’t ever gotten around to. The wall is mocked up to scale and we have the most beautiful modern metal and solid wood frame options to choose from. We do the framing for you, delivering it ready to hang. No guessing on sizes, no hodge podge DIY walls, you have a modern and timeless wall full of your most cherished memories. It doesn’t get any easier! 

We take your experience with us very seriously, knowing that these are irreplaceable moments for your family. We know you want to hire a professional who will take care of everything for you. We pay attention to each and every detail: your family’s wardrobe, hair and makeup, location, lighting, framing, album design and gallery wall display. You are in good hands, we specialize in delivering a stress free experience for you. Learn more about our experience

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Another thing to consider as you find the right newborn photographer for your family in Orlando is the photographer’s posing style. Each newborn photographer in Orlando has a particular style. Some are heavily posed, where babies need to be extremely tired to be placed on a posing prop, in baskets, buckets and manipulating their bodies into specific poses. This is not our personal style, as we like to keep your baby looking natural and documenting newborn babies how they are, in the sweet positions they naturally sleep in. We know how quickly babies grow and these nuances will become only memories all too soon. There are many photographers who do the posed style extremely well and create beautiful portraits, it’s just not for us! 

We prefer a lifestyle or baby led approach to photographing newborns and families. In this style, parents are often holding their new babies because newborns love to be snuggled in close. We will swaddle your baby so they are cozy and happy. At your newborn session, we will follow your baby’s cues, have plenty of time for extra feedings, changes and soothing. There is no need to worry about your baby “cooperating”. We want your baby, and you, to feel relaxed and comfortable while we photograph moments of love with your family in beautiful light. The session is easy, you get to relax and stare at your new baby, inhale that delicious new baby scent and feel confident that we are making sure you look your best. 

baby led sessions by Orlando newborn photographer
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It is important to understand editing style when finding the right photographer to photograph your family and newborn baby. Editing styles in photography come and go. A style that is popular now will likely fade out. Heavily edited images tend to time stamp your memories. Do you remember the black and white fad where the pictures were edited to have just one thing in color, like flowers or a balloon? Regretfully, I have some of those beauties in my wedding album. 

Some photographers styles are dark, “moody” or brown. We feel this is a special time, a milestone event that is truly a beautiful light in your family’s legacy. We like to keep your imagery light, classic and timeless. We do this using real film. Yep, that old school classic. Film has a softer focus and always delivers a timeless look and nostalgic feel. Film is expensive and we like it because not everyone does it. It is important to us that your memories withstand the test of time. The art we create together will become the stunning heirlooms that you are proud to pass down to your children and grandchildren. 

When to Book your Newborn Photographer in Orlando, Florida 

Most of our expecting clients reach out toward the end of their first trimester and book their session or membership near the beginning of their second trimester. Our calendars book out fairly quickly for this reason. If you are interested in learning more about a session, please contact us to discover if we are a good fit! 

If you are considering a newborn photographer in Orlando, be sure to have a look at one of their galleries to ensure the imagery you see, resonates with you. If you would like to see a recent newborn session from us, simply click on the link to see a lovely, in-home newborn session.

Are you a busy, new or expecting mother who doesn’t want to worry about the many details of having your family’s memories documented? If you find it worth it to outsource the stressful parts of photos and get back your time, we would to talk with you to learn about your family’s needs and see if we’re a good fit! For more information about our full service, stress free experience, please complete this quick form and we will send the details to you! 

We are so happy to work with the amazingly talented, Tiffany from Bronze and Glow Beauty!

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