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Choosing an Orlando Family Photo Location with Purpose

I am drawn to the in-between, organic moments. I serve mothers who want to preserve their memories with their children and family through artful, light filled imagery.
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As an Orlando, FL photographer, I am constantly being asked, “Where should we do our family photos?” While there are many obvious locations such as pretty parks, neighborhoods and local beaches, this blog post is being read by you right now because maybe, you want to select a location or activity that is a little bit more meaningful to your family during this season.

A photography session with your family is meant to document this season, or perhaps a milestone, in your life. I approach this with the intention of documenting connection and authenticity, however that may look in your family, during this time.

Perfection only lives in little moments.  It’s not some continuous thing we can ever strive to achieve. Hopefully, we can be present enough to realize when one of these moments is unfolding for us, not merely once it has become a memory. 

I believe my experiences as a mother of three help me to truly see the magic in your family. Where you may see chaos, I find beauty. As an Orlando FL photographer, I am drawn to the little things you do. A kiss on your baby’s cheek, swiping your hand through your toddler’s hair, kneeling down and making a boo boo all better. It’s these daily occurrences that seem ordinary now, but melt away as our babies continue to grow.

We often remember what we see so I am always prompting the clients and families I work with into moments that unfold naturally, all while I’m right there, ensuring you are looking your best!

During client planning calls, I ask questions to help us determine what will be a meaningful location for your family, in this season. Do you have an activity or even a chore that you are constantly doing with your children, but realize it will one day not be like this? Maybe it’s swaying your baby to sleep, bathing your toddler or holding hands with your kindergartner. Lifestyle photography is so special because we have the opportunity to immortalize these moments with beautiful heirlooms.

I remember the knowing that my oldest child wouldn’t be in the bathtub forever. He was always curious about the shower and by the time we had our third baby, it was hard to fit all 3 kids in the tub efficiently.

Now, all my children shower and it’s a huge timesaver. But, I am so grateful for the images I have of them in the tub. Bath time was such an important part of our lives for years, and now, it is simply a memory. But through a little bit of planning, we have albums full of swaying the kids, bath time fun and all the details like the tiny curls and arms stretched up to be held and close ups of their tiny hands in our own.

What are some activities you want to remember? How can we make that true and authentic and also really beautiful so you want to keep it in an album or hang it on your wall? Some of these moments may seem mundane and monotonous now, but as your babies grow up, we all want to remember how it used to be.

Lifestyle photography provides the opportunity for my Orlando, FL photography clients to remember these days with your babies, toddlers or older children in a way that is honest and filled with light, beauty and the love that you share as a family.

Photography is the closest thing we have to stopping time. Consider this your invitation to pause, savor and be.

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Interested in booking a meaningful, light filled Orlando FL photography session? Reach out here. I would love to create art with you!

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