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How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session – Orlando, FL

I am drawn to the in-between, organic moments. I serve mothers who want to preserve their memories with their children and family through artful, light filled imagery.
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I know how busy you are preparing for your baby to arrive. I am here to make how you prepare for your newborn photo session with your baby as simple as possible while you enjoy a luxurious experience, soaking up this sweet time with your new little bundle.

new parents with baby at home by Orlando FL photographer

Where will we photograph my newborn?

Most newborn sessions take place in my clients’ homes. This is especially true for new parents. In-home sessions are usually the easiest for new parents because everything you need to soothe your new baby is already there. You are most comfortable in and around your home, especially during a time when everything might feel new!

Some clients prefer to have their sessions in studio or at a gorgeous outdoor location. Studio sessions provide a neutral backdrop for your newborn session and outdoor locations can bring a natural and meaningful component to your session. I adore both these types of newborn sessions! My recommendations are to bring everything you need to soothe your new baby, including an extra outfit and a pacifier (even if baby doesn’t typically take one, trust me just bring it!)

Tell me more about an in-home newborn session

For Orlando in-home newborn sessions, you get to relax in the comfort of your home and basically, stare at your baby! While I am kidding a little bit, it’s true. Newborns tend to sleep a lot and we get them all snuggled up and in your arms, right where they love to be the most. My lifestyle newborn sessions are baby-led. This means, that tiny new babe is the boss! We take their lead and take our time to soothe, feed and change your little one as needed.

How do I know if my home will photograph well?

Clients often want to know if their home will photograph well and the answer is yes! The prettiest light and room that will photograph the best may not be in the most obvious room, but I assure you, I will find pockets of light that will be unique and beautiful to your home and your photographs. There is no need to stress about making every room look perfect, we will be spending most of our time in the room with the most natural light – think big windows!

How long will the session last?

Relax, newborn sessions are typically about 60-90 minutes long so we have plenty of time to attend to your baby and photograph all the beauty of this season, but not too long that new parents get tired!

newborn baby details
 by Orlando FL photographer

Are siblings and parents in the newborn photos?

Yes! I highly encourage all parents and siblings to be included in your new baby’s photo session. This is such a transformative time for your family and a great time to share your love as a family and have that beauty documented. If siblings are involved, I encourage parents to let kids be kids. No matter what they do, it is cute. If the parents can smile and look relaxed about what is happening, the photos will be authentic and beautiful. I make sure I provide plenty of direction and let moments unfold naturally and I make sure to give siblings plenty of breaks for snacks and play to keep them wanting to come back!

baby in Moses basket holding parents hands by Orlando newborn photographer

What should my baby wear for their newborn photos?

Newborns are often held by parents during our session. New babies love to be swaddled up tight and to be held close to mom or dad. I have a curated collection of neutral wraps, outfits and accessories to use for your newborn session. I usually have parents have baby fed and down to their diaper just before the session begins. If you would like to style your baby in a special outfit or something you have been waiting to dress them in, be mindful of outfits that bunch up easily.  Keep outfits simple and neutral  so they are not distracting.  We want to keep the focus on your new baby in your photographs so you end up with timeless portraits that you will enjoy for decades! 

sleeping baby with mama by Orlando Newborn Photographer

What should parents wear for newborn photos?

I want to capture you and your family naturally, and in something that makes you feel beautiful. I encourage my clients to dress true to themselves and also what feels comfortable. I have a curated wardrobe available for mothers and babies to borrow from for their session to make this step fun, simple and luxurious. Clients can browse the beautiful dresses and gowns, in a variety of styles and sizes, and try on before their session to ensure they love how they look.

When choosing your wardrobe, it is best to stay within a neutral, organic color palette. My favorite colors to photograph are soft neutrals  and earth tones. Try to stay away colors that are too vibrant  as they may reflect on skin. Choose prints and patterns that are minimal and soft. Look for  solids that layer together, with details in the texture such as knits and linen. Mixing subtle patterns adds interest without looking too matchy.  

Above all, keep in mind that simplicity is always more!

– Mamas, I recommend wearing something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself! This could be a flowy floral dress, your favorite denim and a feminine blouse, slouchy sweater or maybe a pretty robe makes you feel beautiful and comfortable at home with your new babe. Try looking for material that drapes well, as it adds  a sense of beautiful movement in each image. I recommend you wear something that flatters the parts of you that you love the most and also allows you to feel extremely confident. It is not uncommon to have our clothing not fit as we thought it might after delivery. I encourage mothers that it is a 100% excellent choice to continue wearing maternity clothes after delivery for a few weeks or months. My client wardrobe is also available to you for any last minute swaps!

– Dads, I recommend a neutral colored henley, button down shirt or sweater with jeans or dress pants. Close-toed shoes photograph well and I also recommend avoiding graphic tees and tennis shoes.

For in-home sessions, I recommend bare feet for all for a more relaxed feel!

baby snuggled with his mother by Orlando baby photographer

What can I do to help my baby cooperate during our newborn session?

I encourage parents to try to feed your new baby just before the session begins. This way your baby is full, happy and ready to snuggle in and relax or sleep. If your baby begins to fuss, needs a diaper change, or needs a little “top off”, we have plenty of time to meet your baby’s needs, soothe and ensure your baby is nurtured during our time together. I recommend having a soother (pacifier) on hand for your session, even if your baby seems uninterested, as it can often be helpful during the session!

sweet baby neck rolls by Orlando FL photographer

How far in advance should I schedule my Orlando newborn photography session?

Mothers typically reserve their due dates early in their second trimester. We use your due date to schedule your newborn session and typically schedule your session for about 2 weeks after your due date, while new babies are still very sleepy and easier to work with.

new parents with baby at home by Orlando FL photographer

What types of photos can I expect to receive?

You will receive a variety of posed and candid images with your newborn baby. As a lifestyle photographer, my approach to keep everything looking natural. I will typically start by photographing the whole family. If siblings are involved, they can take a break with dad while I photograph mom with the baby and photograph baby alone. This is my favorite time to photograph all those sweet baby details like tiny hands and feet, that downy hair and how your babies curls into your arms or underneath your chin. As siblings want to join back in the photos, I usually photograph these adorable candid moments and get a few images of dad with baby too. I make sure I provide plenty of direction and let moments unfold naturally so we get the perfect variety for your gallery. My intention is to present you a gallery full of beautiful moments.

new baby cradled by his mother by Orlando newborn photographer

What props do I need to have or bring to my newborn session?

I prefer to create organic and timeless photographs with you and your baby so there is no need to have any special props on hand. Most of the time, baby is being held by mom or dad, right where they love to be the most! I have a collection of neutral swaddles, outfits and accessories we can borrow from. If you happen to have a Moses basket, an heirloom blanket, or something meaningful you would like your baby to be photographed with, I am happy to do so!

baby tangled in mama's hair by Orlando newborn photographers

When will I receive the completed photos and in what format?

About about  3-4 weeks after our time together, you will receive an email to decide when you would like to see your 48 hour gallery preview. I deliver approximately 40-50 images in a full gallery for Orlando newborn photography sessions that you will have the opportunity to view and select your favorites. During your 48 hour gallery preview, you will complete your ordering appointment by selecting the artwork and/or digital files you would like to purchase. Need help deciding? We will schedule a complimentary design appointment and I will walk you through the whole process of selecting your favorites to adorning your home with stunning heirlooms!

new parents with baby at home by Orlando FL photographer

What is the best way to display our favorite photos?

We will collaborate throughout the creative process to help you decide the best ways to display your favorite memories in your home! Custom designs for a personalized wall gallery are always complimentary to help you visualize how your artwork will adorning your walls. Perhaps you would like to begin a collection of heirloom albums. We will design an elegant velvet or linen covered book bound with your favorite images to share with your family for generations. I am with you every step of the way from selecting favorites, designing your artwork and delivering your keepsakes so they are ready to display in your home!

Do you have more questions or want to chat about your newborn session? Reach out to me directly here! You may also be interested in my post about What to Wear at your family session or my FREE Guide for taking Better Photos of Your Kids!

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    Hello, my name is Catherine. I would like to know the price for some photos with my baby and my husband. My baby is two months old at the moment. I would like some photos in the studio or if there is a location that you can tell me. i really dont live in orlando i live in desgin FL. But I will be in Orlando the week of 06-15-2023. I would like to know if you have availability on those days. thank you

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